A full service branding, design and marketing project for a local hair and beauty salon.

Fully responsive website adjusts automatically to different devices, inclusive of an integrated booking system and             e-commerce shop to promote retail products. 

I am a strong believer in creating mood boards when starting a new branding project. Mood boards help me to show clients my ideas and concepts visually plus it acts as a great reference tool for any other branded pieces that follow. Whether that’s a website, social media graphics, brochures and flyers, etc., all of these can and should be based on the aesthetic of the brand’s original mood board.

Print & Digital artwork

With a clear brand direction in place, I mirrored the design elements / fonts / colours, photography and voice across a plethora of promotional artwork for use online and via direct mail.

Brand recognition was quickly established and the chain of salons was highly regarded, driving growth year on year. 



Social Media

To support a complete social media plan across 3 platforms whilst ensure brand coherence, I designed and developed a set of custom social posts that adhere to the brand guidelines whilst supporting the social media strategy of engaging and relevant content.