Baby-to-big therapies

A bespoke branding, web and design project for a baby yoga and massage specialist.

This project was to develop the naming, brand identity, website and accompanying promotional materials for a new yoga and massage business. The challenge was how we could visually represent the different areas of services provided whilst still allowing to seamlessly expand the services over time.

We agreed on the company name and secured the web domain. We looked at fonts, colours, shapes and motion that would underpin the brand ethos and appeal to the target audience. We also developed a simple strap line to quickly highlight the services provided…


‘Yoga For Baby… Massage For You!

Design / Artwork / Point of Sale

I created different media with a cohesive look and feel to enable Vicki to go out and launch her business with all the tools she needed. This included a new website, stationery, social media artwork, digital ads, flyers and pop up banners.

Alice, I am so very thankful for all the hard work that have put in to turning my ideas into a reality. I absolutely love my logo, website and all the designs you have created. Not only is the outcome fantastic, I really appreciate how easy and flexible you have been to work with, I have enjoyed the whole process and simply cannot wait to start now!

Vicki Littler, Business Owner, Baby To Big Therapies